The Founder


I am Thoughtful
I am Conscious
I am Expressive.
I am Positive.
I am Powerful.
I am Passionate.

I am Lino Falotico!  
I am in the Making!   
I am Inner Balance Wear and this is my story.

Why underwear?

I get asked this question a lot and it’s a great question.  But before I answer, I wanted to let everyone know that not only am I caterer by trade, but I’m also proud and honoured to say that I’m a father of 2!  My two treasures, A²!


My daughter is a beautiful, bright 20-year-old who’s not only caring and loving, but she’s also a go-getter with a “reach for the stars” type of attitude and personality.  She’s currently in university deciding which way life will take her.  Personally, I don’t care what she decides to do with her life because I know in my heart that whatever path she embarks on, she will be successful and I will be proud of her no matter what.

My son is a handsome, athletic, charismatic, smart 23-year-old with a Communications degree from Brock University.  To say I’m proud of him is an understatement.  And though his future is bright and promising, you’d never know just by looking at him that he battles self-doubt demons daily.  You see, my son suffers from and has been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.  You will get to know more about him and his struggles later through his own words.

One evening, I was having a conversation with my son and Alicia (my girlfriend/life partner) and he was trying to explain (as I tried to understand) what he feels inside and the “demons” he fights daily telling him he’s not good enough.  Hearing his struggles, seeing the effect it has on him every day, let alone as he tried to articulate everything to us, I wished and prayed with all my heart that I could take away if not all his pain, at least some.  I wanted to remove any hurt, ill feelings he had.  I wished and wanted so badly to shield him from all the negative he felt but I was helpless, words failed me.

The very next day, as I was driving into work (when you’re a caterer, it’s not uncommon to get up at the crack of dawn to start your day), the bright bold colours of the sunrise that was in front of me awakened within me an overwhelming feeling of self-awareness.  It was magnificent.  The energy and intensity I felt surround me was so incredibly inspirational and motivational that I immediately thought of my son and his ongoing battle with mental health, the millions of people around the world that battle various forms of mental health disorders, and everyone who has ever had any form of self-doubt.  Quite literally, it was like a light switch was flipped because in a matter of 20 seconds, for reasons I cannot begin to explain, I was blessed to see exactly what I needed to do.  Everything suddenly became clear.

So NOW I can answer....

Why underwear?

I created Inner Balance Wear with one thing in mind; to make everyone that wears my “I am…” underwear feel good about themselves, to always have a positive frame of mind, and more importantly, to be proud of who they are and never doubt themselves because each person is walking work or art, perfect, brilliant and incredible just as they are.

Knowing with 100% certainty that I did not want my messaging to be like any other motivational product on the market, which are usually loud and in your face so I upped the ante by going in a different direction than your average and typical motivational apparel/marketing company.  But how would I keep my messaging personal and sacred to one’s self?


“Let the first thing you put on be you!”

Knowing that everyone at some point in their life or another question themselves, their abilities, their looks, their attributes, beliefs, etc., with Alicia’s help, I became very aware that my messaging needed to help keep the flow of one’s personal energy moving so I incorporated the seven chakras (which are explained in greater detail on our "Chakras" page).

While Alicia and I were in the process of making Inner Balance Wear a reality, I was having a conversation with someone and they said, “Lino, it’s not like your underwear are magical.  They don’t have any super powers”.  Hmmmm.... they are not incorrect.  My underwear line is not magic (I can say matter-of-factly that I am NOT a wizard or genie), but what I couldn’t agree with this person on is that they hold no super power.  You see, similar to an athlete who will not wash his uniform because he’s on a winning streak, someone wearing a red string on their wrist to ward off negativity, someone putting on their lucky socks to an interview, or perhaps a sentimental heirloom, the positive intentions I whole heartedly put into developing and making my underwear make them a tool for inner strength, confidence, power, and more importantly, balance for one’s self.

I'm not naive or crazy to think my underwear will change the world...BUTT (*wink*) I know feel, and believe in my heart, mind and soul that all the love, light, positive energy and intentions that I and everyone who I have been blessed to have be part of this incredible journey with has put in into making Inner Balance Wear’s bright, colourful underwear, they will absolutely make a difference in the lives of many people.

I know this "About Us" page is long and wordy.  I was told to keep it to a couple of paragraphs but I've never been one that accepts being told "you shouldn't” or “you can't" so I leave you with this message......

Never doubt yourself because no matter who you are, what you are, or where you are in life, always remember that you are in the making.  YOU ARE YOU!

I am Lino.
I am Me!