Having Will Never Make You Whole

Having Will Never Make You Whole

We are living in a time of bigger and better.  An update or an upgrade is always on the offering.  Materialism, consumerism, consumption, are all different ways of describing this trend of “having”.  Now, there isn’t anything wrong with liking nice things, or wanting the best quality items.  There is actually a positive spiritual correlation to energy and the quality of the items that you use and surround yourself with.  However, the problem and imbalance arises when, we are more concerned with “having” than “being”; Or when we put more value into “spending” than “feeling”.

The word “have” and “halve” are identical in sound, therefore evoke a similar energy.  When someone is more focused on having things than connecting to their spirit; they are separating themselves from their spirit. Therefore, they are “halving” themselves.  One will not find wholeness simply by filling up their space and mind with stuff.  Moreover, the ways in which the things that we purchase are made is also a component in the energy we get from them.  No matter how pretty, shiny and frilly something is, it could have been made under ugly circumstances and conditions.

This is why I love InnerBalanceWear underwear.  It is made from the highest quality cotton, feels great on, makes you feel sexy without the frills and lace, and reminds you to connect with your inner-self.  Not to mention, the great relationship that the company has with its makers and suppliers, no sweat shops or child labour, and they are conscientious of their carbon footprint.  All of these things matter and contribute to the energy that an item can carry with it.  So remember, balance is always the key.  But the “I am”, is always before the “I have”.

Love, Melanie Grace

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