Inner Balance Wear Launches “I AM” Underwear Campaign & Colourful New Product

-Inner Balance Wear wants you to be your own PRIVATE Meme!

Toronto, ON – July 7, 2017 – How best to “a-dress” the issue of mental illness? Inner Balance Wear –, a Toronto based manufacturer of quality Yoga-inspired apparel, steps to the forefront of an increasingly important issue in today’s society – mental illness. July 7th marks the launch of their “I AM” campaign across North America. This campaign aims to build awareness for mental health, while also providing people with a colorful, eye-opening means to start each morning. Inner Balance Wear’s slogan is “Let the first thing you put on be you”.

Inner Balance Wear’s main product is underwear; yes UNDERWEAR – sold in boxes of 7 a-piece (for $87.77). The underwear’s vivid colours represent the seven chakras of the body: Purple (Crown), Indigo (Third Eye), Blue (Throat), Yellow (Solar Plexus), Orange (Sacral), Red (Root). The seven chakras are energy centers in our body which energy flows through. The word “chakra” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. Literally translated from the Hindi word, it means “Wheel of Spinning Energy”. Inner Balance Wear offers various styles of underwear for men and women, including: Bikinis, Boyshorts, Hipsters and Thongs (for Women), Boxers, Boxer Briefs and Trunks (for Men). All Inner Balance Wear undergarments are made from a breathable cotton/elastane blend and a smooth sublimated elastic waistband with its own unique “I AM” phrase corresponding to the associated chakra colour. Each customer who buys a box of the 7 underwear, receives a beautiful chakra bracelet as a free gift.


“I created Inner Balance Wear with one thing in mind, to make everyone that wears my ‘I AM’ underwear line, feel good about themselves”, says Canadian owner and designer Lino Falotico. “It’s always important to have a positive frame of mind and more importantly, to be proud of who you are and never doubt yourself because each person is a walking work of art; perfect, brilliant and incredible just as they are.”


Lino goes on to explain his inspiration for the product line, “The idea of Inner Balance Wear started one day while driving into work; the bright bold colours of the sunrise struck an overwhelming feeling of self-awareness. The energy and intensity of the sun made me think about my son and his own battle of mental health, along with the millions of people around the world who also suffer.”


During Lino’s moment of clarity, he came to the realization that he didn’t just want to create a product like other motivational products on the market. He chose to up the ante by going in a different direction: UNDERWEAR.


From its Toronto based offices, Inner Balance Wear hopes to globally impact and change the lives of their customers each and every day. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of Inner Balance Wear will go to build mental health awareness. Inner Balance Wear is available on-line at

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