Chakra Bracelet with Lava Stones


While each of our bracelets have the same stone/crystal types that representative of their corresponding chakra, no two stones are alike in their appearance, shape and size.  Therefore, like you, each bracelet is special and unique.

Hand crafted and double threaded using a Chinese adjustable knot, our bracelets will fit most wrists.

Caring Instructions:

Keeping in mind that these are natural semi-precious stones, avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfume, detergents, astringents, etc.

As our bracelets are hand crafted and threaded, we recommend you remove your bracelet when your hands will be submerged in water for long periods (i.e. baths, showers, washing dishes) as the adjustable knot will loosen naturally when exposed to excess water.

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The premise of using stones and crystals with chakras is that each stone has the purpose of clearing, revitalizing, magnifying, balancing and/or healing.
We selected these specific semi-precious stones for our bracelets because of their energetic qualities, their colour, and more importantly, the resonance we believed each of you would have with them.

Chakra | Semi-Precious Stone/Crystal | Definition

Crown | Amethyst | Stability, strength, peace.  Excellent for meditation, enhances psychic abilities

Third Eye | Lapis Lazuli | Knowledge, wisdom, perfection, protection, and creative expression

Throat | Blue Turquoise | Spiritual attunement, strength, and grounding. Excellent for astral travel

Heart | Green Aventurine | Balances male and female energies, aligns intellectual, physical, emotional, and etheric bodies

Solar Plexus | Citrine | Dissipates negative energy. Warmth, joy, and optimism

Sacral | Carnelian | Counteracts feelings of apathy, fear, rage, fosters peace within and without, imparts self confidence, and inspires verbal and written communication

Root | Red Jasper | Protection, awareness, insight, and grounding

Surrounding the Chakra Stones | LAVA| Formed from the lava which is produced by a volcano, these stones are considered the oldest stones known to man.  Used as symbol of fertility, endurance and strength, Lava stones are also known for dispelling anger, cementing our beliefs and providing guidance, clarity and hope during difficult times.