It’s been labeled lucky, but it is much more than that;
Seven is universal… spiritual.

It can be found across the seven continents, and its importance is as clear as the seven seas.

As I happen to be writing this on the 7th day of the month, on the 7th day of the week;
I can’t help but know, it is not a coincidence.

Completing the seven chakras, the seven holds the crown.  The crown chakra appropriately beams violet: the colour of royalty, and also the 7th and final, colour of the rainbow.

Gracing the pages of the bible 490 times, the seven is in the spiritual spotlight.  Representing completion, perfection, w(hole)ness;
The hole is where creation began, on the 7th day.

So as this 7th day of the week, that we all call (Sun)day comes to an end;
I wish you the light of the sun and love as complete as the number seven.

Love, Mel Grace