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What our
Customers say

LOVE the underwear!  My boyfriend does too – the colours and sayings are so great.”

Alex S (Toronto, ON)

I purchased InnerBalanceWear for my son and I.  The products are high quality and have a fantastic fit!  Each colour conveys its own positive message and this really helps us start our days off well when choosing one to wear!  I highly recommend them!”

Barb D (Richmond Hill, ON)

“I wanted to share with you our experience with your product.  My last note indicated both my wife and I loved the concept – now we put the product to the test – we both loved them!  🙂 
I ordered the Men’s boxers and my wife ordered the boyshorts.  We found them to be so comfortable and snuggly.  The fit is amazing and has a great feel.  Clearly a quality product made with care.  The packaging is appealing with clear top.  The message behind the garment and positive impact is has another topic altogether – wonderful!”

John & Edi T (Toronto, ON)

“Knowing that i have been going through a rough time lately, I received a 7 pack Bikini set of underwear from my cousin (I believe she bought from you directly?!).  I want you to know that I don’t normally write or provide testimonials, reviews, feedback but I felt compelled to do so today.  After my cousin told me why she was gifting me the underwear, I felt myself wanting to know more, learn more about you and your company.  

Your website is SOLID!  Your About Us/The Founder page is one of the best About Us pages I’ve ever read (so personal, so heartfelt – I liked that you said “I’ve never been one that accepts being told “you shouldn’t or you can’t”).  That YouTube video of your underwear is crazy creative and eye-catching (love that the underwear are the only thing in colour until near the end).  And that song, “I am Me”, all i can say is WOW!  Mel Grace’s lyrics are not only inspiring, but her voice is soulful and moving.  That girl can sing!  🙂

Oh, before I forget, THANK YOU for the Chakra Bracelet!  My cousin explained that with every purchase, a Chakra bracelet is given as a free gift – very nice touch!  🙂

Now, about your underwear.  I have one word:  LOVE!!!  
I don’t normally share this with anyone but I suffer from anxiety myself (one of the reasons my cousin wanted to give me your underwear).  Some days it’s hard to not think negatively (your son calling them “demons” was a great way of putting it) and there are days where getting to a more positive frame of mind is a challenge. I can now say that I look forward every morning to waking up, opening my drawer, seeing those bright bold colours, seeing the affirmations that you have on your underwear, then taking a moment to decide who I’m going to be that day!  🙂   As far as quality and fit go, again, LOVE!  I really like that they are not only very comfortable, but that they don’t lose their shape all day  (even after I washed them).  I’m totally getting the bikinis next!  🙂

Thank you Inner Balance Wear for reminding me that “I am Understanding, Intuitive, Expressive, Loving, Spirited, Sensual…. I am Me”.  🙂  I will absolutely be recommending and encouraging anyone, everyone to get themselves and/or their loved one a package (or two).  I know it may sound crazy to anyone reading this, but these underwear are (go figure) helping remind me to stay positive and that it’s ok to be me! ” 

M.M. (Vaughan, ON)