What our Customers say...

"I love these comfortable, colourful and happy new underwear from Inner Balance Wear (tagged our FB)!  I love the feel of the fabric!!! Undies that make you feel good (emoji) AWESOME! #Iam #innerbalance #cozyundies #inspirational #positivequotes #mentalawareness"

Tanya Anthony  (Toronto, ON)


"They ARE really, really great.  And comfortable!"

Steve Anthony (CP24 - Toronto, ON)


"We all love the underwear...it is fun and comfortable and we have told everybody about it 🙂  Kate and Alex and Angelo all feel the same way...they are awesome...xoxoxox"

Christine Bentley ("What She Said" Jewel 88.5fm - Toronto, ON)


"I like the undies- I find them comfortable and motivating at the same time. They set my mood for the day whether it be mothering - working out or out working!"

Kate Wheeler,  ("What She Sad" - Jewel 88.5fm - Toronto, ON)


"Amazing Product!  Love wearing them because they are extremely comfortable and they wash amazing.”

Rosanna Serpa (Toronto, ON)


"LOVE the underwear!  My boyfriend does too – the colours and sayings are so great.”

Alex Simpson ("What She Said" - Jewel 88.5fm - Toronto, ON)


“Thank you Inner Balance Wear for starting my day in a positive mind set.  It truly works!!  I open my drawer and I say to myself, "Who do I want to be today?" Me? Understanding? Intuitive?Loving? Sensual? Expressive? Spirited?  The positive energy really works.  It plays in my head all day.  I love the feel the fit and the colours.  The quality is outstanding!!  I bought a set for my husband and he loves them too.  They look great on him.  It's really nice to see him wearing bright colours instead of his normal black underwear.  The delivery was fast and the packaging is beautiful.  Thank you for the gift (chakra bracelet, it's a great touch.
I have told my friends and family and they are very interested so get ready for more orders to come in.  🙂
Your story is very touching and everyone knows someone who suffers from anxiety.  Also I really appreciate that you share the proceeds of 7 percent to mental health (very touching).
Inner Balance Wear.... you're awesome.
Thank you for making my day a special day. ❤️"

Mary Soraci (Toronto, ON)


“I wanted to share with you our experience with your product.  My last note indicated both my wife and I loved the concept – now we put the product to the test – we both loved them! 
I ordered the Men’s boxers and my wife ordered the boyshorts.  We found them to be so comfortable and snuggly.  The fit is amazing and has a great feel.  Clearly a quality product made with care.  The packaging is appealing with clear top.  The message behind the garment and positive impact is has another topic altogether – wonderful!”

John & Edi Theo (Toronto, ON)


"I purchased InnerBalanceWear for my son and I.  The products are high quality and have a fantastic fit!  Each colour conveys its own positive message and this really helps us start our days off well when choosing one to wear!  I highly recommend them!”

Barb Dorfman (Richmond Hill, ON)


“Knowing that i have been going through a rough time lately, I received a 7 pack Bikini set of underwear from my cousin (I believe she bought from you directly?!).  I want you to know that I don’t normally write or provide testimonials, reviews, feedback but I felt compelled to do so today.  After my cousin told me why she was gifting me the underwear, I felt myself wanting to know more, learn more about you and your company.  

Your website is SOLID!  Your About Us/The Founder page is one of the best About Us pages I’ve ever read (so personal, so heartfelt – I liked that you said “I’ve never been one that accepts being told “you shouldn’t or you can’t”).  That YouTube video of your underwear is crazy creative and eye-catching (love that the underwear are the only thing in colour until near the end).  And that song, “I am Me”, all i can say is WOW!  Mel Grace’s lyrics are not only inspiring, but her voice is soulful and moving.  That girl can sing! 

Oh, before I forget, THANK YOU for the Chakra Bracelet!  My cousin explained that with every purchase, a Chakra bracelet is given as a free gift – very nice touch! 

Now, about your underwear.  I have one word:  LOVE!!!  
I don’t normally share this with anyone but I suffer from anxiety myself (one of the reasons my cousin wanted to give me your underwear).  Some days it’s hard to not think negatively (your son calling them “demons” was a great way of putting it) and there are days where getting to a more positive frame of mind is a challenge. I can now say that I look forward every morning to waking up, opening my drawer, seeing those bright bold colours, seeing the affirmations that you have on your underwear, then taking a moment to decide who I’m going to be that day!  As far as quality and fit go, again, LOVE!  I really like that they are not only very comfortable, but that they don’t lose their shape all day  (even after I washed them).  I’m totally getting the bikinis next! 

Thank you Inner Balance Wear for reminding me that “I am Understanding, Intuitive, Expressive, Loving, Spirited, Sensual…. I am Me”.  ?  I will absolutely be recommending and encouraging anyone, everyone to get themselves and/or their loved one a package (or two).  I know it may sound crazy to anyone reading this, but these underwear are (go figure) helping remind me to stay positive and that it’s ok to be me! ” 

M. M. (Vaughan, ON)