You Gotta Dirty Some Brushes to Paint a Beautiful Picture

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

Mr. Picasso was indeed comparing the act of painting with a brush onto a canvas, to writing our experiences into the pages of a diary.  But, let’s mix that up a little bit.  Let’s think of life as the canvas that we paint on using our choices, risks, and life experiences.  Each decision is like a brush that must get dirty in order to create the picture.  All of the possible outcomes and consequences are the many colours found on the painters palette.  Some are dark, some are light, some are dull and some are bright.  The painter will even mix some of the colours to make his own unique tones.  The colours represent all of the emotions that we will feel throughout our lifetime.

Therefore, if we shy away from the opportunity to make mistakes, be disappointed, or feel any type of emotional or physical discomfort; we are eliminating those special hues that we need to use in order to create our special piece of art.  The joy and the pain are equally necessary and important to create a true, balanced and beautiful picture. The universe requires balance: good and bad, dark and light, up and down, in order for the world to go around.  As they say, “There really is no good or bad, there just IS”.  It’s all in our perception and in what we choose to use to help us to change and grow into who we really want to be.  Yes, we all would prefer to attract happy experiences into our life.  But the truth is happiness is nothing but an internal decision.  Even in the face of adversity or unpleasantness, we can choose to remain calm and happy on the inside. Making that particular negative experience, just another stroke of a brush onto our masterpiece called LIFE.


Melanie Grace